SING WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY! Learn to honor and strengthen your voice through Maria’s natural approach to singing. Through the philosophy of bel canto singing principles and Iyengar yoga, we concentrate on opening and freeing the voice by connecting sound to the breath.
These techniques will develop good tone quality as well as an increase in your range and vocal strength. As an internal process, singing then becomes fun and effortless!
These methods can be used to sing any style. All levels of singers are welcome — even if you are a beginner! If you are a performer, we can work on that too!

Acoustic lessons for beginning and intermediate players who are interested in learning strumming and picking patterns, note and/or tab reading, and guitar theory. This is also for singers who want to learn to accompany themselves.
Styles include folk, jazz, swing chords, beginning classical, and blues.


Beginning and Intermediate piano lessons involving note reading, scales, and playing songs. If note reading is not your bag, Maria can teach you how to play by ear, using chords and piano theory. However, music reading is encouraged! Chord accompaniment for singers offered as well. All ages welcome!