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LADRILLO A LADRILLO: Video and Song of Building houses in El Sauce, Nicaragua with 4 WALLS PROJECT of Rochester, NY

English translation of Ladrillo a Ladrillo:

It's January in El Sauce, eighty-five degrees Juan and Juanita and her friends play games in the neighborhood We North Americans are here to help build a new house,  With four brick walls, four brick walls 

Now, some families, with ten or more people, live in houses made ​​of tarps with holes in the roofs. When it rains the adobe walls begin to crumble, then these families are sad and humiliated 


Brick by brick, board by board, Strong hands together, we build a home while building trust and a bond in our hearts, hearts and home 

All of us, the children, and the neighbors work in the heat, Pepe, the chief mason, puts us to work with a smile. He says," Cut the cables, hose the bricks, dig a trench here,"  We are happy while we are working all day 

Juan and Juanita’s family soon has a home Sturdy and strong with a door and a window  When it rains in October, they will not have to worry at all because once and for all, their home is safe and warm.