1. Little Rose

From the recording Little Rose

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LITTLE ROSE c Maria Gillard, 1997 CHORUS
Little Rose, your laughter echoes through my mind
Takin’ your time to see everything new
Little Rose, your heart knows where to find
All the light inside, all that’s good and true

I’m stuck in these mountains in this hard drivin’ rain, another detour sign
Hungry and tired breathing diesel all day, feel like I’m losing my mind
Then I think of you sittin’ by me in the cool morning air
Whispering all of your secrets, sun shining in your hair


I’ve seen so many strangers in so many places, all these decisions to make
And I can’t seem to stop doubting myself, made so many mistakes
Then I see you spinning and dancing, balancing so gracefully
Like wild white water rushing through a canyon, your spirit’s filling me


BRIDGE: Sittin’ on the porch steps singin’,
catching a bird in your hand
Your eyes shining like a new penny,
telling me you understand.