Always Love is a boatload of uplifting original songs featuring Maria's solid vocals and harmonies,  Perry Cleaveland on Mandolin and fiddle and Doug Henrie on Upright Bass. recorded at Electric Wilburland in Ithaca, NY by Will Russell  and features a cameo performance by Rita Coulter. 


There is a timeless quality to the way Maria Gillard expresses the passage of time on her new release, Always Love. From the opening song’s invitation, Call On Me, through to the enduring, unshakeable foundation of We Are the Peacekeepers, there is a trust in hope for the future. Using elements of swing, bluegrass and folk, her truthful songwriting shines in the gently elegant musicianship of her bandmates. Living in Upstate New York one gets used to cloudy days. Maria brings the sunshine on her new recording, and love, Always Love, no matter where you may be living.  I also like she mentions baseball. 

~Scott Regan, Open Tunings, WRUR 88.5 Rochester

With “Always Love,” local acoustic musician Maria Gillard winds up and lets fly with a new, 10-track CD full of wry wit and easy-going Americana that swings a bit. The music variously comes off as melancholic and clever. 

~Frank DeBlase, City News, Rochester, NY

I am very much enjoying getting to know Maria’s music and her terrific trio. It’s like she is in the room talking to me over a cup of tea and a nice slab of pound cake! A song that just made me say WOW repeatedly: “When Will the Clock Stop Ticking”

~ Marilyn Rey Beyer, Midnight Special, WFMT

Maria reminds me of [the 1960’s] era of folk music because she sings genuinely, is unselfconsciously a folk musician and writes her own stuff.

—Ken Hardley, Rolling Hill Radio Hour Host, WRFA, 107.9 Jamestown, NY

Maria’s voice and harmonies are absolutely beautiful. Her genuine, unpretentious lyrics presented with a variety of styles are outstanding.  Perry Cleaveland and Doug Henrie’s, musicianship is exquisite, and it totally enhances the production.  ~Frank Meyer, musician