1. I Prefer

From the recording Always Love

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I prefer day to night,
I prefer loose to tight
I prefer wood to stone
and sometimes to be alone
I prefer horns to strings,
Thoughts to things
Windows to walls and baseball

I prefer mornings to afternoons
Red Ripe strawberries in June
The sound of a lonesome loon
on a hot summer night
I prefer orange to brown
Friends who won’t let me down
All the people in town fightin’ the good fight

I prefer fire to ice
I prefer rollin’ the dice
Nickels to dimes and lemons to limes
I prefer hands to feet
I prefer snow to sleet
Heart to head and hope to dread

I prefer steel guitars
Riding in convertible cars
Drivin’ all night somewhere far
where we can’t be seen
I prefer sunny July
Homemade blueberry pie
Blinking fireflies
through the back porch screen

I prefer sun to rain
Humble to vain
I prefer yes to no and light to shadow
I prefer silence to noise
Curly to straight and always love not hate
Always love
Always love
© Maria Gillard, BMI