1. Steady Woman

From the recording Bound to Happen

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STEADY WOMAN ©Maria Gillard, BMI 1994

She lives in the now, her fingers are skinny
She doesn't mind what they think
She's got a big loud voice, She's kind of pretty
Cranberry juice is her drink
She's hip, she's happy, has eccentric hair
And a big fat grin makes everybody stare
She's like a lion, wild and ready
She growls like a bear

Steady Woman Steady Woman
She'll open all of your doors
Lay her heart on the table right next to yours
She's the one she's the one
The one you've been looking for

Says what she means, means every word
She's never quick to blame
Got to make a difference, so head strong
She won't play the game
She sees the world in black and white
She's like a burning light of love
Genuine love
A little reckless, a little righteous
She's got better things to do than fight
She'll have you dancin' right on the ceiling, yeah
She'll stick around all night