From the recording Little Rose

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Old Black Joe written by Stephen Foster, 1860. Song is in the public Domain
Featuring Rani Arbo on fiddle


GOOD NIGHT MY DARLIN' © Maria Gillard, 1989
When I see marigolds lining the sidewalks
A green and white house on the block
A woman rockin' a child in her arms on the porch
When I hear the ding-dong of the ice cream man
Watch the kids running across the sand
When I'm trudging up the hill holding on to Billy's hand

I want to touch your slender fingers
Feel your shoulder press against mine
Brush your hair, hear you laughing
And hold you by my side
Stand around the old stone hearth singing Old Black Joe
And hear you say, "Good night, my darlin', see you in the morn"

When there's chicken and potatoes on a cast iron grill
A kettle full of soup on the stove
Tomatoes in the garden ripening under the summer sun
When I'm sitting on the counter sipping Tanqueray Gin,
looking at a table set for 10
and when the clock strikes 11
I wish you were here again so I could...

When the moon is rising over the river
I'm back on the porch with you
When the blue sky surrounds the golden maple,
I'm in the kitchen too
When the first snowflakes of the season fly
When Aurora Borealis fills the midnight sky
When the church bell tolls,
It tolls for you and I want to..


After last chorus: Fiddle melody of Old Black Joe by Rani Arbo

In concert I sing the words to Old Black Joe by Stephen Foster:
Gone are the days when my heart was young and gay
Gone are my friends to the cotton fields away
Gone from the earth to a better land I know
I hear their gentle voices calling Old Black Joe
I'm comin' I'm comin', for my head is bending low
I hear their gentle voices calling Old Black Joe.