From the recording Little Rose

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Written By Jane Gillman


UNTIL THIS FEELING’S GONE © Jane Gillman, 1986

When I left Richmond, the snow was still fallin’
The ice was so thick you could’ve slid from Stanton out to Newport News
In the middle of the night, I heard a freight train callin’
It’ll take more than a blizzard to bury your East Coast blues

There’s nothing colder than a boxcar on an Appalachian morning
You think the February gust is gonna bust the door in two
Sometimes the bumps come so hard without any warning
Oh but you know the shakin’ and a rockin’ gonna knock the blues out of you

It’s a long way from my home
It’s a long way from my home
It’s a long way from my home
And I know I’ll keep movin’ until this old feeling’s gone

I’ve got a friend in Dallas but I think I’ll go to Tucson
And get some Arizona sand all between my toes
And when this feeling comes around, you know I’ll get my shoes on
And I’ll be runnin’ down to the tracks when I hear that whistle blow


So If you’re ever ridin’ in the nighttime on the Santa Fe line
You just might run into a very good friend of mine
He’ll be ridin’ on the tops of the cars looking up at the Texas stars
Oh Lord the good man knows how to leave his worries behind