From the recording Little Rose

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TEAR DOWN THESE WALLS © Maria Gillard, 1997

I walked into the kitchen, saw you standing there
Pounding the partition, plaster everywhere
The hammer in your hand matched the beating of my heart
Easy and excited, watching this room come apart.

Tear down these walls, it’s dark in here
This door’s been closed too many years
We need more light, we need more space
Tear down these walls, it’s not too late

I remember feeling your heart pounding into mine
Nothing came between us and slowly over time
You built your own room and locked yourself in
I never tried to find the key; I didn’t know where to begin


There’s a dusty silence when the rubble’s cleared away
Rusty nails and wires hang in disarray
There’s a new light through the window that fills the empty floor
And a quiet light in your eyes I’ve never seen before