1. Slow Fly

From the recording Little Rose

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SLOW FLY © Maria Gillard 2000

He’s a slow fly that won’t die
He’s a nail caught in a tooth
He’s white noise a bit static
He’s the loose floorboard in your attic
He’s the knot in your neck, the demon in your eye
Now he’s seeing your girlfriend on the side
Tonight, he’s looking for you
Baby what you gonna do?

He told you he didn’t want you
Yeah he told you he had to leave
Now he’s got that little lost look, says he needs you
Well He got somethin’ up his sleeve
Always seems to be lonely when your doing just fine
You think you gotta save him one more time
Tonight he’s feelin’ blue
Baby what you gonna do?


He’s slippery and sly, charming guy,
He’ll tear you inside out
When your down on your knees, beggin’ him please
He won’t know what you’re talking about

He’s the sliver under your finger
When your bending your guitar string
He’s the second hand that won’t stop ticking
when your tryin’ to sleep
He’s the chill in your bones, the ache in your womb
He’s the echo in your empty room
Tonight he’s gonna find you
Baby what you gonna, what you gonna do?