1. Crush

From the recording Little Rose

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CRUSH ©Maria Gillard, 2000

I have to shut part of me down
Just to be in the room with you
Have to shut off my heart, shut off my mind
Shut down something deep inside
If you look into my eyes,
I’ll want to look away
But I’ll brace myself in this armor I’ve found
‘til you stand next to me and break it all down

‘Cause you open my heart without speaking
And your fiery eyes burn into my bones
And I move to a place where there doesn’t need to be a reason
For loving you

I start fumbling over my words
Can’t think of a single thing to say
Suddenly frozen I can’t seem to move
All of my senses drifting away
And if you start singing, I won’t have a chance
Oh I won’t be cool, I won’t be discreet
I may have a little trouble breathing