From the recording Little Rose

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When I Had No TV © Maria Gillard, 2000

When I had no TV, I listened to the radio
I wrote poetry and went swimming after school
I sewed curtains for the living room windows
Danced to Santana when I had no TV

When I had no TV, my place was quiet
I heard the birds singing at night
Heard the train whistle sound, heard the planes comin’ down
Watched the stars twinkle, when I had no TV

When I had no TV all of my friends came over in summer
And sat on the steps
We’d howl at the moon; we’d laugh and we’d cried
All the neighbors would holler: “Go on back inside!”
The children all wondered about me
(She’s weird, she doesn’t have a TV!)

When I had no TV the world wasn’t scary
The days seemed to go by without Curly and Larry
I slept better, I wrote more letters and read biographies
I was happy and healthy, wiser and free
Life was so simple when I had no TV