From the recording Little Rose

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WHEN MY HEART COMES HOME © Maria Gillard, 1997

I'll see you standing in the doorway with your blue jeans on
And I'll hear your gentle voice singing some old sweet song
There'll be cacophony coming from the kitchen
Dogs jumping up and down
I'll be hopin' you'll be wantin' to come with me and tear up the town

When my heart
When my heart
When my heart comes home
When my heart comes home

We'll be sittin' in some old barroom chokin' down the fries I'll see the love light and laughter shining through your eyes You'll be finishing my sentences,
"I was just gonna say that you know"
And when you hold your arms around me I will not be able to let go


I'll feel it from the bottom up from the center of my longing
I'll see it in my dreams at night
I'll stand alone in the stillness of a whispering pine
With a clear understanding of what's mine

I'll run to the mountain so I can listen to the wind
I'll run to the raging river thinking that's where you might have been
I'll sing an old sweet song, hear your harmony
And if I falter, I'll feel you walking right beside me