From the recording Bound to Happen

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Features Rick Bush on harmonica


Cold Blue Chill © Maria Gillard 1997
It’s the snarls in my hair, the sticky tape on the desk
It’s the burning rage in the middle of my chest
It’s the pen out of ink, one too many drinks
It’s the damn operator again

It’s the six o’clock news
Some crooked game
It’s the cold bitter winter
The lack of control, the car on the ice
My good friend dying again

Bridge: It’s the pins and needles under my skin
It’s the big hard lump in my throat
It’s the cold blue chill running through my veins
My backbone frozen again

It’s the dream in the night that raises me out of bed
The damn boxing match between my heart and my head
It’s a big black snake inside of me runnin’ loose
It’s fear and it’s still no excuse.