From the recording Bound to Happen

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Woman in the Mirror c Maria Gillard, 2007

It’s you on the telephone, just you and me alone
Between the wires and the 16 years gone by
Suddenly I’m shy and I try to sound sincere
But my voice jumps out of me
Just like a woman in the mirror

She talks back
She doesn’t say the things that you want to hear
She tells it like it is
Confronts you with all that you’ve avoided
All of these years,
The woman in the mirror

I hold on to the phone like a 16-year-old
Still hanging’ on your every word
As if I haven’t heard it all before
You, on the other end
Try to entice this long-lost friend,
his long-lost lover, some long gone trouble
But the girl in the glass don’t bend


When you finally say goodbye
I hear all your good byes before
I hang up the phone stand in the silence
Contemplating what I should ignore
Your voice lingers soft in my mind
I want to go to you but that woman
Hits me like a boomerang from behind