From the recording Bound to Happen

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AINT NO MIDDLE GROUND c Maria Gillard, 1995

Standin’ on the top of the hill again
You say you want to be my friend
After our midnight dance, after your valentine
After Texas, Santa Fe, now you want to walk away

Ain’t no middle ground
It’s like climbing’ up a mountain, babe
You’re gonna have to find a way back down
Ain’t no middle ground
Like jumpin’ in the deep end darlin’
You swim or you drown.

I know you warned me, There’s no guarantee
I thought your intentions were clear to me
You said you needed me, wondered if we’d still be
Friends, if we were lovers, while you’re pursuing all the others


Too many secrets, behind your disguise
I can’t hide my sadness, you can’t hide your eyes

A single touch of your hand can melt me away
Throw me off balance, what do I say
When you tell me you can’t see me,
you want me to be happy
You’ll come back if you miss me,
lean over try to kiss me