1. Yellow Bird

From the recording A Little Luck

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Copyright, Scott Regan


YELLOW BIRD © Scott Regan

Yellow Bird sits in a cage sings the blues a yellow way
Songs we choose begin to fill our day
Gentle tones slip in between hallway cracks and walls unseen
Until the cage becomes the melody

I learned you’re your love, Learned your love
Through the years I learned your love by heart
Life is like a photograph, shades of grey, a smile, a laugh
Fades away before the scene is through
I knew you’d leave right from the start, just memories to take your part
Through the years I learned your love by heart.


I touch your skin, feel your hair, the scent of you hung in the air
Left behind without a thought or care
I’d follow you down every street, remember people that you’d meet
Felt your heart without a beat to spare