From the recording A Little Luck

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Jailhouse Baby Jones ©Maria Gillard. Scott Regan, 2009

Jailhouse Baby Jones down in Alabama
Singing with her band singing shamalamalama
Wanderin’ in her eyes, whiskey in her cheek
Always on the sly at Dixie’s Lost Creek
You can hear her cry, you can hear her moan
No one’s gonna stop, Jailhouse Baby Jones

She had herself a daddy and her daddy ain’t around
She had herself a baby and her baby left town
Started sellin’ drugs just to make a little cash
Got mixed up with some thugs and they took all her stash
Slipped on a rug, had to make it on her own
No one’s gonna stop, Jailhouse Baby Jones

Jailhouse Baby Jones she was big and mean
Runnin’ all around since she was 17
Jailhouse Baby Jones got a pencil in her teeth
Don’t let anybody see what’s underneath

Jailhouse baby Jones don’t say nothin’ bout her past
She had a life back then but didn’t seem to last
Now she’s singing to the crowd, dancing in the heat
Laughin’ out loud and stompin’ her feet
People call her Thelma, people call her Bones, and
No one’s gonna stop, Jailhouse Baby Jones