From the recording A Little Luck

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Lines in the Sand ©Maria Gillard. Scott Regan, 2009

We never stepped over that line on the sand
It sat there for someone to cross
You never looked back at where we began
You never got over the loss
Somehow, we sit here with stars in our eyes
Like time never changed where we stand
You never walked out, you never cried
We just stared at the lines in the sand.

Lines in the sand are easily drawn
Like waves washed out to sea
Here and gone, just blown away in the breeze

We never kept track of the words that we spent
Talking ‘til our faces turned red
You never really said what you meant
And you never meant what you said
Somehow our lessons are still being taught
It never turned out like we planned
You never remembered, you never forgot
that we never crossed lines in the sand.