1. Broken World

From the recording A Little Luck

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Broken World c Scott Regan, Maria Gillard, 2005

One broken promise, one broken faith,
One broken soul in one broken place
There’s no shelter in a lesson of sand
Blurs over borders, shifts in the wind,
Sifts through the cracks like history’s sins
Changing the landscape in a blessing of man

We build our temples, burn our fields
Faith versus reason, flesh against steel
Poison the water, assault the sky
Sit back and wonder why

Who’s gonna mend this,
Who’s gonna mend this
Who’s gonna mend, this broken world

Blank eyes stare, trouble on the block
One stray bullet little girl in shock
Love falls through the cracks on the streets out back
Peace worker tries all of her life fighting for what the people need
Suddenly she becomes a victim of somebody’s greed.

No happy ending, no corporate grace,
no sheltered lands in far away places
As the world grows farther apart
New generations question their parts