From the recording A Little Luck

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BLUE RIDGE MOON © Maria Gillard, Scott Regan, 2004

Grey clouds breezy day at the water’s edge
Lovers looking back as the summer fled
Storm brewing in the western sky
Wind chill of autumn made him realize she’d be leaving soon

Blue Ridge moon about to rise
We thought we had it made
Clanging chimes of love about to fade
Repeat and fade

Two shadows on the dock where we once stood
Step by step we slip into a place that feels so good
Ring them bells and dance, We dance into the night
Take that chance we’ll make it
though the next day’s light is dimming soon.


Underneath the evening sky
Last light of a long goodbye
Diamond stars in our eyes turn to stone

The shadow of this love can bring you to your knees
Or slip into the wonder of the blackened seas
Some move up to the edge and turn away in fear
Or stare into the silent sky and hear its changing tune