From the recording MENDING

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I’m both a city girl and country gal,
Out here I miss my city pals
It’s quiet and cool and I can see the stars
I could go to the city; it’s not that far
But when I work all day to scratch out a livin’
All I’m doin’ is givin’ and givin’
Just want to kick off my shoes
I’m a country gal with the city blues

There’s a show here and a show there, Miss Tess is coming to town
She’s got a cool band but me and my man got ten acres to plough
I just want to hear the night train whistle roar
A high lonesome diminished chord
Ah what’s a girl like me to do
I’m just a country gal with the city blues

I want to be two places at once
My hands in the dirt, out with my girlfriends for lunch
Watch the fireflies all night long
And go to Nino’s Pizzeria any time that I want

Go down to the jazz fest, hear the saxophones play
Or lie in the grass hear the birds sing all day
Sit by the water and play my guitar
Or go down to the Little to see some Film Noir
I wanna go ot the Market on Saturday
Drink coffee in an outdoor café, and read the morning news
I’m just a country gal with the city blues