From the recording MENDING

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Take a left at the light, and a right at the corner store
Go down that road 7 miles or so
There along the bend, is a stand of pines
That’s where I left my heart so long ago
It was you and me,
We sat on the porch
Singin’ songs underneath the moon
Whippoorwill callin’ all night long
Catbird cryin’ out a lonesome tune

CHORUS: You were there right by my side
Where the red bud blooms, near the ocean tide
Just a memory now in my mind
Wish I could find you again

I got a restless heart,
I moved from town to town
Running just to find somewhere to roam
Went north and south
looking for a dream
When all I wanted was a happy home
Then you came along, you were my best friend
Oh you helped me set my heart free
Then you were gone just like the wind
Left me weepin’ ‘neath the willow tree