From the recording MENDING

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I can’t eat I can’t sleep I’m floating on a cloud It’s pouring rain, thundering , lightning I’m laughing right out loud I see you, hear you, way above the crowd Must be I’m in love
I can’t think, can’t sit still, smilin’ at everything Whistle when I walk, Dancin’ down the street, all I do is sing I can’t wait to see your face, I feel just like a king Must be I’m in love Bridge: You’ve got such a sweet heart, sweetheart
I like that you’re just my size
Might be your smile that drives me wild
Or that blinding light shining from your eyes

I can’t speak can’t seem to utter one word My heart is like a fluttering bird My behavior is becoming quite absurd Must be I’m in love

Scat solos and instrumental solos
repeat Bridge and Last verse