From the recording Always Love

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I’ve been awake for hours thinking about you
Where you been, how you feel or what you do
All the things I should’ve said,
All the ways I could’ve read
Into your eyes, into your eyes

I keep thinking ‘bout the days we laughed until we cried
Talked about everything we felt inside
We took on the world we did,
Fearless as little kids
Then the rain came falling down, rain came falling down

When will the clock stop ticking?
When will I give it a rest?
When will I accept you won’t be back?
You won’t be coming back

I could write you a letter, send it in the mail
But what good would that do
Tell you all about my life
Wait for you to call
I’m still pacing up and down the hall
I’m pacing down the hall


Over in the corner in the low-lit blues café
She was sitting next to you
My eyes did not deceive me when you turned to walk away
You never saw me there and then I knew, then I knew