From the recording Always Love

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Let’s cook up a big pot of spaghetti for dinner darlin’
Crack open up a bottle of red wine
Got so much noise runnin’ around my head
I’m tired of sittin’ around here crying
Hey let’s whip up some of Tina’s marinara
With lots of garlic and a pound of ‘shrooms
Get out the guitars and play a little bit of soul
Watch Tina dance around the living room.
Watch Tina dance around the room

CHORUS: Cause it’s Sunday, grey October rain
Sunday, things are not the
same, yeah and I miss you

Let’s go hang out in the hot tub darlin
Soothe our aching bones
I’m tired of feeling like I’m 75
So tired of feelin’ all alone
Hey let’s steam up the bathroom mirror
Write graffiti on the glass
Laugh until we are delirious
And forget about the past, Forget about the past

Let’s go dancing downtown darlin
Kick off our shoes and tear up the floor
I got this dark shroud hangin’ over my heart
And I don’t want it hanging there anymore
Hey let’s take a ride out on the back roads baby
Check out the rusty, gold and green
Hop in the Sunbird turn the radio up loud
I wanna feel like I’m 17
Yeah I wanna feel like I am seventeen