1. Call On Me

From the recording Always Love

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CALL ON ME ©Maria Gillard, BMI

When nothing seems to go your way
You just got trouble day to day
Your heart just turned to black and blue
You’re running out of money
Your lover’s up and gone away
And you just don’t know what to do

Call on me, I’ve been there before
I know just what it’s like when you can’t take anymore
(to hear the slammin’ of the door)
Call on me, I’ll be there in a moment’s time
Helping you find your peace of mind…your peace of mind

Feels like you’re runnin out of time
The road ahead ain’t got no lines
You can’t decide to go straight or to turn
Your wheels are spinnin way too fast
You just can’t let go of the past
Wonder what it is you’re supposed to learn

Remember all the times you rescued me
Drowning in misfortune I could barely breathe
Your love kept my deepest fears at bay
Now the tide has turned I’ll show you the way