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“Gillard, a singer, songwriter and music educator from Finger Lakes, reminds me of what Merino refers to as the ‘great folk scare of the early 1960s.’ It’s her first time appearing on the show. I host a live radio interview with the guest artists each episode, and cannot wait to chat with her.

“Maria reminds me of that era of folk music because she sings genuinely, is unselfconsciously a folk musician and writes her own stuff. She’ll definitely make a good interview because she’s very knowledgeable, interesting and really sweet.”
Ken Hardley, Rolling Hill Radio Hour Host, WRFA, 107.9 Jamestown, NY

“Hailing from upper New York State, Maria Gillard is a veteran singer-songwriter who has seamlessly criss-crossed musical boundaries as she has performed for a number of years across America’s north east.. This latest album is a perfect snapshot of Maria Gillard featuring nine self-penned songs presented with uncluttered arrangements, pitch-perfect heartfelt vocals and covering folk, country, swing, jazz and blues. She is accompanied by a group of talented singers and musicians as she offers her stirring stories that range from catchy and contagious to softer and reflective. Though I’m not a big lover of jazz, I was really touched by ‘Don’t Be Nice To Me’ with its late night-club vibe enhanced by Bill Tiberio’s evocative saxophone. In contrast the sad-tinged “Bird With A Broken Wing” blends bluegrass, folk and country with effective fiddle, mandolin, acoustic guitar and Connie Deming’s ethereal harmony vocal. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that ‘Must Be In Love’ is a long-forgotten Tin Pan Alley pop standard from the 1940s, but it’s another classy song written and sung delightfully by the very talented Maria Gillard.”
—Alan Cackett, Maverick Country Magazine, Kent, UK,

MARIA GILLARD/Mending: She’s been at this 25 years so she isn’t old enough to call an old hippie chick but damn if she doesn’t sound like she wasn’t raised on Dan Hicks and Maria Muldaur source material. She takes that and filters it through contemporary modes like transformation and serves up a session of non-yukky sounding girl friend retreat music. She knows her stuff and knows how to deliver it, special delivery, with a conviction and sincerity that makes this singer/songwriter set go right from her heart to yours.