Made-to-Order Songs ... the perfect gift to give!

A gift from the heart for those who treasure memories more than presents. As people grow older, their lifetime memories become ever more important. Picture being able to hear their stories unfold verse after verse set to a poignant melody.

Commissioned songs for all occasions and events can be requested, including these:

  • Wedding anniversary (Silver, Gold, etc.)
  • Milestone birthday (40, 50, etc.)
  • Christmas, Wedding, Retirement, Valentine's Day

Here’s How:

Contact Maria and to set up a time to talk. Tell her about the person or persons you want the song to be about and you’ll discuss musical style, lyrics, content, and price accordingly. It is a very meaningful gift.

The Ballad of Mary Conley: For mom’s 80th birthday song, Maria struck the perfect balance between happy memories, nostalgia and the not-so-happy, but still significant, events that shaped all of us. My mom’s story was a complicated one and the details Maria brought to the song were gentle and sincere.

— Marianne Sullivan

Geezer Blues: This summer my wife worked with Maria on a song for my birthday. That they did this a couple of months after my birthday was enough of a surprise but my wife, Jan, gave Maria many little bits of trivia about me from when I was a kid up to recently, which Maria worked into her song which must have been about 8 minutes or so long. The musicality did not at all surprise me; the hilarity of it left me speechless. If you ask my friends, my being speechless is sort of a cosmic event.

— Richard LaPointe

I was looking for a unique gift to give my parents and I remembered that I saw on Maria's website where she offered “made-to-order songs”. After a few phone conversations between us, Maria gathered our family's memories and placed them to a beautiful melody! The song Maria composed made us laugh, cry and left us all smiling! This is a gift we will cherish forever! Maria is a beautiful, warm soul bursting with joy and music yet to be heard!!

— Michelle Clark

Maria worked to capture the essence of my mother Dora's love and immortalized a few family tales in a ballad for her 90th Birthday. Better yet, Maria sang it to her on her birthday as family & friends joined in on the refrain. What a perfect gift for a woman who claims to have everything. We can always play & sing “Dora from Springside” for generations to come as we tell our children's children about Aunt Dora, Grandma Kimball, a very special woman, that touched our lives with her love.

— April Kimball, Buffalo, NY