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Must Be I'm In LoveJust Ain't RightWish I Could Find YouImagine My SurpriseDon't Be Nice To MeBird With a Broken WingCountry Gal with the City BluesBroken WorldYou Sent The Moon

Must Be I'm In Love [Play]

After seeing the movie, De Lovely, the story of Cole Porter’s life, I wanted to see if I could write a song like Cole Porter. I did it!

Maria: Vocal/Guitar, Bob Barbuto: Piano, Brian Williams: Bass, Connie Deming: Harmony vocal, Pete Monacelli: Drums

I can’t eat I can’t sleep I’m floating on a cloud
It’s pouring rain, thundering, lightning
I’m laughing right out loud
I see you, hear you, way above the crowd
Must be I’m in love

I can’t think, can’t sit still, smilin’ at everything
Whistle when I walk, Dancin’ down the street, all I do is sing
I can’t wait to see your face, I feel just like a king
Must be I’m in love

Bridge: You’ve got such a sweet heart, sweetheart
I like that you’re just my size
Might be your smile that drives me wild
Or that blinding light shining from your eyes

I can’t speak can’t seem to utter one word
My heart is like a fluttering bird
My behavior is becoming quite absurd
Must be I’m in love

Must be … or is it just me, Must be I’m in love

Just Ain't Right [Play]

This song came out of task a friend gave to me asking me to write a song with the first line being “blinds against the window”. I had no idea what this song meant until a month later I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the world fell apart for a while.

Maria: Vocal/Guitar, Connie Deming: Harmony Vocal, Perry Cleaveland: Mandolin, Brian Williams: Bass

Blinds against the window, closed now for repair
Sign says “back tomorrow,” it’s been there half a year
And the rain keeps on fallin’ while the streets keep on callin’
Nothing seems to change around here

And the moon don’t shine tonight
And there ain’t no stars in sights
Something just ain’t right, just ain’t right

There’re pigeons on the pavement, crows up in the trees
People look like ravens chasin’ killer bees
The liars all are yellin’, they’re scamperin’ and sellin’
And no one ever seems to say please


Bridge: Once this corner crooned with blues and jazz all night
Crowds were happy dancing underneath the streetlight
But it’s a ghost town on the corner now, dead silence


Blinds against the window, closed now for repair
Sign says “back tomorrow,” it’s been there half a year

Wish I Could Find You [Play]

This song was written in the back seat of a car on the mandolin as I was traveling down to North Carolina with my two buds. We were seeing new Southern Spring foliage after driving out of a blinding 3 below zero snowstorm in NY State! It was a good day!!

Maria: Vocal/Guitar, Paul Swiatek: Banjo/Harmony, Perry Cleaveland: Mandolin/Harmony, Brian Williams: Bass

Take a left at the light, and a right at the corner store
Go down that road 7 miles or so
There along the bend, is a stand of pines
That’s where I left my heart so long ago

It was you and me, sat on the porch
Singin’ songs underneath the moon
Whippoorwill callin’ all night long
Catbird cryin’ out a lonesome tune

CHORUS: You were there right by my side
Where the red bud blooms, near the ocean tide
Just a memory now in my mind
Wish I could find you again

I got a restless heart, moved from town to town
Running just to find somewhere to roam
Went north and south looking for a dream
When all I wanted was a happy home

Then you came along — you were my best friend
Oh you helped me set my heart free
Then you were gone just like the wind
Left me weepin’ ‘neath the willow tree


Imagine My Surprise [Play]

An old time jazz feel makes this song seem old fashioned. Written after running into an old flame in the grocery store and being completely taken aback.

Maria: Vocal/Guitar, Taylor Buckley: Fiddle, Perry Cleaveland: Mandolin, Brian Williams: Bass

Imagine my surprise, turning and finding you
Heart beating through your eyes, suddenly new

Your dancing step so light, I hardly know it’s you
Your laughing eyes so bright, ever true

Wild mystery bursting with joy
Unmistakable, unbreakable

This feeling deep inside, that old familiar grace
To simply just abide, in this old familiar place

All those regrets suddenly gone
Like the night becoming dawn

Imagine my surprise, turning and finding you
Simply, without disguise, ever true

Still so inviting, your laughing eyes Imagine my surprise

Don't Be Nice To Me [Play]

I wrote this at 1:00 in the morning. I think it speaks for itself.

Maria: Vocal/Piano, Bill Tiberio: Saxophone, Gaelen McCormick: Bowed Bass

Don’t be nice to me
Don’t say a word
Stop trying to entice me
Haven’t you heard?

I’m not your dear, dearie
And I’m not your baby, baby
I can’t bear to love you again

Don’t touch my hair,
Don’t come to close to me
I can feel your stare,
Oh can’t you see


You play your little game
And when things don’t go your way
It’s me you always blame
I got nothin’, nothing to explain


Bird With a Broken Wing [Play]

Weighted down with shoulder impingement, my life felt like it was falling apart.

Maria: Vocal/Harmony/Guitar, Connie Deming: Harmony, Taylor Buckley: Fiddle, Perry Cleaveland: Mandolin, Brian Williams: Bass

Sun sinks orange into the blue
Boat sets sail without you
Wind turns south as the old crow sings
There’s a bird with a broken wing

Love not lost but hard to find
Friend comes ‘round to ease your mind
Dreams unfold as the wind chimes ring
There’s a bird with a broken wing

She wants to fly
Fly home
Fly home without a care
Fly, fly home
Her song is waiting there

Nighttime falls and stars arise
Tree frogs sing you lullabies
Moon shines through an opening
For the bird with the broken wing
For the bird with a broken wing

Country Gal with the City Blues [Play]

After moving to the country, I was lamenting one Spring morning about missing city life!

Maria: vocal/guitar, Steve Piper: Guitar, Brian Williams: Bass

I’m both a city girl and country gal, out here I miss my city pals
It’s quiet and cool and I can see the stars
I could go to the city; it’s not that far
But when I work all day to scratch out a livin’
All I’m doin’ is givin’ and givin’
Just want to kick off my shoes
I’m a country gal with the city blues

There’s a show here and a show there, Miss Tess is coming to town
She’s got a cool band but me and my man got ten acres to plough
I just want to hear the night train whistle roar
A high lonesome diminished chord
Ah what’s a girl like me to do?
I’m just a country gal with the city blues

I want to be two places at once
My hands in the dirt, out with my girlfriends for lunch
Watch the fireflies all night long
And go to Nino’s Pizzeria any time that I want

Go down to the jazz fest, hear the saxophones play
Or lie in the grass hear the birds sing all day
Sit by the water and play my guitar
Or go down to the art house to see some film noir
I wanna go to the Market on Saturday
Drink coffee in an outdoor café, and read the morning news
I’m just a country gal with the city blues.

Broken World [Play]

© 2004, Maria Gillard and Scott Regan.

Scott Regan and I sat around one afternoon discussing the unfortunate brokenness of our own community. We collaborated on this song in hopes of coming up with a solution.

Maria: Vocal/Guitar, Scott Regan: Vocal/Guitar, Gaelen McCormick: Bowed Bass

One broken promise, one broken faith, one broken soul in one broken place
There’s no shelter in a lesson of sand
Blurs over borders, shifts in the wind, sifts through the cracks like history’s sins
Changing the landscape in a blessing of man
We build our temples; burn our fields
Faith versus reason; flesh against steel
Poison the water; assault the sky
Sit back and wonder why

REFRAIN: Who’s gonna mend this,
Who’s gonna mend this
Who’s gonna mend this broken world

Blank eyes stare, trouble on the block
One stray bullet little girl in shock
Love falls through the cracks on the streets out back
Peace worker tries all of her life fighting for what the people need
Just to become a victim of somebody’s greed.
No happy ending, no corporate grace, no sheltered lands in far away places
As the world grows further apart, new generation questions their parts

And who’s gonna mend this,
Who’s gonna mend this
Who’s gonna mend this broken world

You Sent The Moon [Play]

This is a tribute to my dear friend Tim Shea who passed away on the first day of Spring in 2010. Around November of 2011, I saw a giant full moon rise over the hills of Geneseo, NY where Tim and I used to record, and I felt it was a sign from him telling me all was well and to keep enjoying life and moving forward.

Maria: Vocal and Guitar

You sent the moon didn’t you, a fiery wheel risin’ in the hills
Burning red-orange into golden, warming the November chill
Once love blazed fierce between us, now it’s growing cold
Our hearts are heavy as stone
But you sent the moon, didn’t you, to light our way back home

You sent the stars, didn’t you, to the Arizona sky
Above the red rock sunset, Jupiter and Venus side by side
We were bustin’ at the seams, chasin’ all our dreams
Abandoning all that we own
And you sent the stars, didn’t you, to light our way back home

Spring whirled in and brushed her golden hair
And the red-winged blackbird song filled the sweet magnolia air
Now the desert doves are dancing, the geese are flying north
The sky is a quiet brilliant blue

And YOU sent the sun, didn’t you, reminding us of better times
The music of your laughter, and your love, never fails to shine
You replaced the gray and the driving pouring rain with a rainbow
Stretching farther than we’ve known
And you sent the sun didn’t you to light our way back home
To light our way back home